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Permissions / HMD

So as not to clutter up the top of her journal, sticking both in one post! Comment here if you have any concrit about Mileina-- anon is on and IP logging off.

Name: Mileina Vashti

Occupation: WELL. She's essentially homeschooled-- there are very few children on Krung Thep, so they're taught a bit willy-nilly. She's learned most of what she knows from her father and mother, so most of what she knows is electronics and mechanics. She's a bit of a prodigy at them, helped by the fact that she's incredibly hardworking, so at the moment she basically helps her father and mother with whatever they're working on at the time. i.e. she's a gundam mechanic and engineer. At eleven. Yeah, Gundam's a bit unrealistic about ages sometimes.

Religion: Space atheist.

Blood Type: A-

Appearance: She's average height for her age, with curly brown hair and violet eyes. She's ethnically probably Danish, but there's an unconfirmed source on that so I'm not entirely sure, and all we know about her parents is that her father's from Europe. Mileina is a Slavic first name and Vashti... well I can't find any usage of it as a last name in modern day, basically, but I have a hunch she might be supposed to look a bit Jewish.

Medical Info: She's perfectly healthy but she's spent her life on a space station, so she may be a bit pale.

Notes for the Psychics: What you see is what you get, with Mileina. She really is as bubbly and happy as she seems. If you dig in her mind you'll find rumors about everyone's relationships, and a big fuzzy core that cares about her family and her comrades. You'd also see the fact that she's working for a massive terrorist organization called Celestial Being bent on eradicating war, but hey. Warm fuzzies. By the way, please ask if you want to know about CB's existence.

What's Okay to Mention Around Her: She's not exactly sheltered when it comes to life issues, but nothing too graphic, please-- she's still eleven. Although for those characters with filthy mouths, her dad's installed a very good parental filter, so she won't even see the swears.

Abilities: She's got mad skillz when it comes to engineering, programming, etc, although she'd actually probably be pretty befuddled when it comes to 21st century computers. She's also good at mechanics, but the same thing applies-- she knows tons about GN particles and solar drives, but wouldn't know how to fix a Volvo for anything. Although she'd try!

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slash/etc?: Yes, Yes, SHE'S ELEVEN. Basically just ask me first!

Maim/Murder/Death: No thx ):

Kissing/Hugging/Badtouch: Hugs and friendly kisses on the forehead or something are cool, but don't make me call Chris Hansen on you.

Easiest way to get on her good side: Have a secret lover she can investigate. No uh, seriously I don't think there's anyone she actually dislikes, she can find something to like in everyone.

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