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22. [backdated to the 28th ]

Everything's been so exciting lately, hasn't it? First I magically grew up for a few days, which I don't remember but it was very interesting to read my post! I had such a mature hairstyle, I suppose I really must have been older! I want to see that movie very much... And then I got to be Mr. Prosecutor Erde's assistant again, except this time we went up against Mr. Edgeworth! I was on the edge of my seat during the whole trial! And now it's my birthday, so I suppose that I'm growing up for real now!

Oh... I have to start shopping for Christmas presents! What would everyone like?

(( Mileina was given a canon birthday after I picked one for her in June, but because the timeline's actually gone a little sticky with one thing and another this birthday works better so just pretend her last birthday wasn't six months ago, because she should be thirteen by now anyway :') ))

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Happy Birthday, Mileina.

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I should have your gift ready, hmm?

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-- My world?

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A-ah, yes it is -- back to the way it should be.

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Worry not, t'was only a horrid virus.
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Code "Keep things vague and pretend we know what happened already" is go?

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Mr. Prosecutor Erde was fortunate to have your help. Without it, I doubt the trial would have been nearly as exciting or protracted.
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Obviously you learned much from the experience. That lesson in particular should serve you well in all your future endeavors. The importance of truth cannot be overstated.
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I'd call most of what Ms. Fey does in court 'creative.' ...And most of what she does out of court, for that matter.
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...It would be difficult not to appreciate her after seeing the lengths she's gone to on my behalf.
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Indeed, but this arrangement is for the best. Wright needs her help far more desperately than I do.
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I haven't, actually. But I have no need of one. I prefer to handle all of my work myself. When time constraints make that impossible, the good detective is always available to take care of some tasks so I can free up time for the more important ones.
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I wouldn't worry too much over that. I believe he's quite fond of them.

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Happy birthday, Mileina. I... am sorry, I didn't get you anything.

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That sounds like fun. I'll help you.

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I like that idea. Would you like some help with that too?

she's secretly wondering if she's inadvertantly booby trapping the base

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Not at all. I can try reaching, and if I can't, we can find a ladder or someone taller.

oh dear XDDD

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...We could, if they're not too busy.

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Ah, I meant if Ian or Tieria aren't keeping them busy with building the new Gundams, though you're right. Lockon's Haro hasn't been busy lately.