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23. [ video ]

[ It's our good friend Haro-cam! Although this time it's on purpose, as Mileina has something to show the community. She's doing something at a table in the mess hall; Linda (probably looking more like her big sister than her mother) has her back to the camera, cleaning up a counter that's had an enthusiastic pre-teen's cooking exploits explode all over it ]

I know he's not the sort of person to announce it himself, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was Mr. Erde's birthday! Because I'm sure that even though it's a very good day already, he would very much appreciate everyone's well-wishes! Oh, but don't worry if he doesn't overtly appreciate everyone's well-wishes, because I know he appreciates them in his heart.

In any case, I wanted to show everyone the present I made him, because it was my first time attempting anything at all like it!

[ and with that, she holds up a cookie. It's roughly like this, with purple hair and a somewhat angry expression drawn on in icing. Yes, she made Tieria cookies. ]

Do you think he'll like them? I hope he will!

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They look just like him!

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My cookies never make it out of the oven because they end up burning.
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why so cute mileina

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Wow, that's... creative. I'll be sure to wish him a happy birthday, if I see him around.
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Oh yeah, everything's fine! I lost access to the community for a while, but it seems to be working alright now. I just wish I knew why it kept doing that...

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... Cookies?

Are those considered to be good gifts?

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What makes them better than other things?

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I know I'd love them if I got cookies like that! That's very thoughtful of you.

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In that case, I'm sure he'll love them! They must have taken ages to do though, they're quite detailed. Or more detailed than I could ever make them.

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Tell 'im I said happy birthday.

[backdated to the 9th nyoro~n]

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Mileina, what are you doing, it's not--

...ah, already?

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I've had plenty of sleep. I simply didn't realize it had been an entire year since my last birthday.