areyoulovers: (or I'll cry)
Mileina Vashti ([personal profile] areyoulovers) wrote2010-10-21 09:50 pm
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21. [video]

[ Mileina's sitting in what appears to be a cafeteria, with some sort of netbook-sized portable computer, wiping away tears; Tieria's (purple) cat is swishing his tail at the end of the table, looking like he's hoping for an early dinner ]

I can't believe it! Were you watching, Artoo? Were you?

[ she takes a potato chip from her bag and waves it around as she shakes her head vehemently; R2 watches with vague hopeful interest ]

And after she asked him to meet her and everything! He must have a reason, he must! I won't accept it if they can't be together, I just won't! Tsukushi has tried so hard! Let's watch the next episode quickly, okay, Artoo?

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