areyoulovers: (tieria's love life depends on it)
Mileina Vashti ([personal profile] areyoulovers) wrote2010-12-01 07:45 pm

22. [backdated to the 28th ]

Everything's been so exciting lately, hasn't it? First I magically grew up for a few days, which I don't remember but it was very interesting to read my post! I had such a mature hairstyle, I suppose I really must have been older! I want to see that movie very much... And then I got to be Mr. Prosecutor Erde's assistant again, except this time we went up against Mr. Edgeworth! I was on the edge of my seat during the whole trial! And now it's my birthday, so I suppose that I'm growing up for real now!

Oh... I have to start shopping for Christmas presents! What would everyone like?

(( Mileina was given a canon birthday after I picked one for her in June, but because the timeline's actually gone a little sticky with one thing and another this birthday works better so just pretend her last birthday wasn't six months ago, because she should be thirteen by now anyway :') ))

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