areyoulovers: (I thought she'd be so happy!)
Mileina Vashti ([personal profile] areyoulovers) wrote2011-05-20 09:49 pm

29. [ accidental video ]

[ Mileina is watching something on her ~future handheld computing device~ as a Haro rolls up to her; she's biting her nails, and lets out an 'oh, fiddlesticks!' before noticing the Haro ]

Oh, hello! Does Papa need-- [ but then she peers closer and shuts down the video, bringing up the community page instead ] You're recording! I was waiting for a testing opportunity-- follow me, okay?

[ she bounds off her bed and out the door, beckoning the Haro to follow; he does, rolling along the ground, making the video rotate nauseatingly. Just down the hall, she approaches what other Lagrange residents might recognize as the hangar doors, and opens them to walk through--

and the video goes to static, with all you can hear being garbled voices and beeps. After half a minute of this, the video refocuses, this time on Mileina kneeling down in front of the Haro in the hallway ]

Please feel free to ignore that, everyone! I was just testing some encryption codes, and I needed a proper accidental post to test them with!

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