areyoulovers: (Mr. Erde says research is important!)
Mileina Vashti ([personal profile] areyoulovers) wrote2011-01-21 06:04 pm


It's Papa's birthday today! It's rude to talk about a lady's age, but since he's a man it's all right, so he's turning 56! I ended up getting him a new set of tools and a proper magnetized case for them, since as it is he's lost three plasma cutter heads this year already by dropping them into hard-to-reach places in the hangar. It's the sort of thing Papa does, even though he's chief engineer!

He's been spending most of the day with Mama, too, which I think is wonderful! Even though they've been married thirteen years, they still enjoy spending time together. I think that's definitely the sort of romance that I want when I get a little older!

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