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Mileina Vashti ([personal profile] areyoulovers) wrote2011-01-21 06:04 pm


It's Papa's birthday today! It's rude to talk about a lady's age, but since he's a man it's all right, so he's turning 56! I ended up getting him a new set of tools and a proper magnetized case for them, since as it is he's lost three plasma cutter heads this year already by dropping them into hard-to-reach places in the hangar. It's the sort of thing Papa does, even though he's chief engineer!

He's been spending most of the day with Mama, too, which I think is wonderful! Even though they've been married thirteen years, they still enjoy spending time together. I think that's definitely the sort of romance that I want when I get a little older!

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That's so sweet, Mileina.

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It's really nice that they're doing that for her birthday.

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Oops! That's my confusion! I'm sorry, Mileina!

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It's still very nice they're spending the day together, though.

[Not that she and Ed didn't do the same for Ed's birthday, but that's different, since they're just recently, ah, together that way.]

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Ah...well, we went out for his birthday earlier this month.

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Just to a restaurant Naoto recommended. [Isn't going to say they spent the night in a hotel, even if they just went to sleep.]

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It was. We had a good time.

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That's really sweet that your parents love each other so much! You're so lucky, Mileina.

If your father loses tools like that all the time, that must mean that there must be a really big collection of lost tools lying around...

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Really? That's almost like something out of a fairy tale!

They have to end up somewhere, right? They can't just vanish into thin air, after all! Maybe one day someone will find a huge pile of old tools just lying around in a really strange place.

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That was very gentlemanly of your father to feel that he had to wait because of her age, though! Oh, but I'm still glad that your mother told him so that it ended happily! They've always seemed so perfect for each other from everything that you've told me.

That sounds like a great idea! I bet they'd find a lot of them in no time at all.

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I hope so too! I'd really like to meet them after hearing so much about them both!

Right! Tell me how it goes, okay?

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That is certainly very romantic.

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No, nothing at all. Why do you ask?

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Fear not, all is as it should be. You should be off to celebrate your father's birthday.

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Oh, good. I would not want to keep you from them.