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That's the second time I've been able to go to school because of a virus! I really did not mind this virus at all, everything was so interesting... Oh, that's right, I wanted to ask! Would anyone mind very much lending me some history or English books? I really haven't learned much about either at all! --Oh, I mean I can write of course but there aren't very many people here who are interested in literature! (I live with Papa and Mama on a colony outpost because Papa is a very good mechanic who's working on designing very wonderful things in space, so that's why I haven't been to a school like the school that was in the virus!) And I want to learn about literature because Pearl and I were talking about something during the virus (it's a secret!) and I would very much like to do it for real, even if we don't live very close to each other really.

Also I asked Papa about Hanukkah and he said that he thinks that his grandparents were Jewish but he did not see them very often when he was small, and his parents were scientists who were not religious, and that's why we've always just celebrated Christmas because that is what most of the others on the outpost celebrate. It's very interesting to learn about my family! Papa said he was from somewhere on the AEU-HRL border in the north where it is cold and snowy, I think that I would very much like to see snow someday.

Oh and, Mr. Doctor! I have some presents that I want to send to people that are on other worlds, if you are busy that is all right but otherwise could you help me with your wonderful ship?

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Well aren't you just precious. I'd be more than happy to lend a hand, miss. Although I fear our histories would differ greatly, surely you would benefit from some cross-world literature?
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Then I'll send you a wide range of history and literature. Is there anything else you would like, miss? Feel free to ask for anything.

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Have you really never seen snow, Mileina?

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Oh, that's a shame. There's always a lot of snow in Kurain because we're so high up in the mountains, you should come and visit some time!

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Of course! I'd be really happy for you to visit, and I could show you around all the village and some of the places outside as well. It really would be fun!

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But it must still be really exciting to live in space, though! Going to space is still something we only really have in stories in my world. I can only imagine how different it must be!

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What's an orbital elevator?

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Really?! That's so amazing! I can't even imagine an elevator that could do something like that!

Now I'd really like to see it, if I'm allowed!

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Right! And I guess I'd have to find someone who can world-hop me there, as well.
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Just call me the TARDIS Christmas Delivery Service! What can I help you with?
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Well, luckily for you, I happen to know both of those worlds quite well. Shall I just turn up at the usual spot to pick their presents up?
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Really? Well, that's very kind of you! I'll look forward to that.