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Well, in the alternate universe where my parents were in jail and facing very serious charges, I always wore the same ponytail holders because they were from my mama! I always wear them in the real world as well, but that's just because I'm very fond of them. I think it's very interesting how creative the community can be, don't you?

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What did they do?

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How do you know about all that if it was an alternate universe? Did someone tell you?

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No, I'm asking how you found out about the alternate universe itself.

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... Oh.

Virus alternate universes aren't real.

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They're stupid. And they're not really real, so what's the point?

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Fake memories.

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Oh, that was the universe the community made up that was similar to mine, wasn't it?

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I thought so! It is interesting how the community mixes together ideas from other worlds like that.

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Oh yes, me too! That's why I wonder why some people don't like it all that much... I know that it can do some horrible things with the viruses, but a lot of good things come out of it too.