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It's been very tense here lately. What with one thing and another... I've been helping Papa down in engineering, but it's really a lost cause. I've been helping salvage a few parts, but it's lucky we have a new design half-built. He's sent me off to have a break now, so I was going to go and get something from the mess hall, but I can hear arguing down there... I think it's Mr. Erde and Mr. Lockon. So I went to go do some studying instead.

He's been going off on people a lot lately. It's not unreasonable-- what with Mr. Doctor and everything, everyone is stretched a little bit thin, but I wish I could do something to help...

Mr. Seiei's been looking a little sad as well. It's a little hard to tell with him, but I think Papa might have told him off. He hasn't been down in engineering as much as I expected.

I just hope everyone feels better by Christmas. I worked so hard to decorate, but in this state, the mistletoe is going to go completely unnoticed by everyone... I'll just have to make sure I get everyone excellent presents this year!

It seems as though the argument stopped suddenly, so maybe I'll go and see how Mr. Erde feels.

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Is something the matter, Mileina?

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So I am noticing. I hope it does not bear a heavy toll on you.

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Guess it's not the best Christmas up there right now, huh.

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The year before was -- oh, yeah... It sure seems that way.

... Hey, Mileina, mind if I ask you something?

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I know better than to ask anyone like Neil and Tieria right now, but after everything that's happened I can't help being curious, so I was wondering if you had any idea. Just who is this Doctor to everyone up there? All I know about him is that Neil travelled with him for a bit.

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That so, huh.

I'm sorry for your loss.

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As a matter of fact, Mr. Lockon hasn't. Else I probably would have thanked the Doctor myself already for whatever it was that he did. If it was the Christmas before last, though, I can probably hazard a guess...

It always is when something like this happens.

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Not as far as I know. I'm a little out of the loop here.

I'm sorry to say it, but it's not. Are you holding up okay?

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He did? No wonder everyone's reacting so badly after that...

Yeah, I can see why.

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Those were some of the worst days of my life. I'll never forget what happened. We really did have a lot to thank the Doctor for.

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I didn't even know. I mean, I knew what I saw on the news, but not about the Doctor helping you all out. I always did wonder how you all managed to come out of it okay after what the UN was telling us all on Earth...

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That wouldn't have been known. The Doctor acted soon after we lost the Ptolemaios and some of our crew. He gathered up a rescue crew from the community members, and I assisted in directing him to the damaged Gundams from the shuttle I was on with Ian and Miss Sumeragi. Then he came and got me. Everyone was scattered to different worlds, except Ian and Sumeragi. They stayed behind.
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You know, two years ago, that would have sounded completely unbelievable to me. But right now, I'm just sorry you guys lost someone who stepped in to help you like that.

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We're going to miss him very much, but he won't be forgotten.

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... yeah. That's how it should be.

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I think I'll go lay out a flower for him too.

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To be honest, he hasn't told me anything. I saw Tieria mention something suspicious last year, but...

Don't worry about telling me if you're worried about it. I want to know, but I'll ask my brother to tell me about it himself.

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His eye? What happened to his eye?

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No, he didn't tell me - his eye's been fine whenever I've seen him.

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This whole thing just gets better and better.

Oh, and you can send Tieria to yell at me instead if you like, seeing as I'm the one who asked and all. That'd probably be easier for all three of us.

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Even if that's the case, my point is he'd probably feel better yelling at me for asking about it in the first place than at you for telling me it.

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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset. But that's for me to take up with Neil.

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Thanks, Mileina.

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Are you alright, Mileina?

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I heard about Mr. Doctor... I didn't know him very well, but he was Mr. Nick and Mr. Edgeworth's friend. I still can't believe it.

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It was. I wish there was something that we could have done.