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28. [ RL with Karkat ]

[ The Vashtis keep up a safehouse in the suburbs of Warsaw, a brick terraced house that has (fake) flowers in the window boxes and generally gives an air of generic homey-ness. Unlike some safehouses (Setsuna), it's fully furnished, albeit unusually organized, because no one actually lives there; but Mileina's made a movie-watching sanctuary in the living room. There are brightly colored pillows and a plush throw on the couch, and she's placed a selection of snacks and drinks on the coffee table.

(Actually, she had told Tieria to make the snacks, because he was generally being grumpy and clearly needed something to do!!! She had discreetly called her father and asked him to make up something to ask Tieria about that would keep him occupied, at least while Karkat was arriving, so as to not scare him off, so Tieria was currently upstairs on his phone, debating some aspect of the new blueprints.)

Anyway, after Karkat had been worldhopped directly into the living room, so as to not cause mass panic on the streets, she greets him excitedly, a pillow shaped like an octopus in her arms ]

You made it safely! I hope that you like the snacks I have, I completely forgot to ask what trolls eat!

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[It is one huge freakin' culture shock.

It doesn't help that he's already trying to figure out the WHAT and the WHO and the HOW of worldhopping at the same time he's taking in his new surroundings with wide, yellow eyes and a wrinkled nosed. Watching John and the other humans grow up over the computer was nothing compared to actually visiting a human abode in real life. And he had no idea how to deal.

So while Mileina greet him happily (oh god a human in the flesh how was he supposed to react what was he doing?!), he just kind of... spins around, gaze darting across the room in surprise]


This... this is a human hive?

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[SO CONFUSED INDEED. But hey, he cannot be blamed]

I'm fine! It's just different than, well. You know. Watching it on a computer screen.

[Already moving forward to poke a couch]

What the hell is this?

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. . .

[follows her lead, only with much less enthusiasm.

then stares at the TV]

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Why the fuck would I not know what a television is? We have to watch our movies from something too, we just don't have these-- [POKES COUCH] -- couch things.

Oh. Right.

[Digging into his pocket.

And pulling out what looks like a normal DVD??]

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Be careful with that!


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It's called, "In which the main character, who is played by Troll Bill Murray, relives the exact same day for a time span of 10,000 sweeps, and in which he slowly descends into a state of madness as the same day passes by without changing without his prompting, in which there is a bank robbery, in which Troll Bill Murray punches an annoying character in the face, in which there is a really cool explosion, and in which Troll Bill Murray realizes that his fated matesprite was right next to him all along without him realizing."

It's one of my favorites, so don't mess it up.

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They're a fuck ton more informative than your short and shitty human movie titles. How do you even known what happens in the damn film if your titles are so short?

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Right, right. More cultural differences. [He's beginning to wonder if he'll ever get them all]

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Damn right you will.

[... glancing over at those snacks right now]

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[... poking at the gummy worms]

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Terezi would have a field day with the red ones.

[opens his mouth and pops one inside-- except in the process of chewing it get stuck on one of his fangs DX]

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[He tries to say 'I HAVE THE SOFT AND SQUISHY THINKS STUCK ON MY FUCKING TEETH,' but it comes out more like incomprehensible mumbling]

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[Opens his mouth wiiiide and pulls the gummy worm free]

Why would humans want to eat such disgustingly squishy food that obviously easily gets stuck in your teeth?

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[... peers at her, and then leans back on the couch with a grumpy grump]

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[taking her advice and reaching for the chocolate since... yeah. gummy worms are not working]

Pay attention to the beginning, it's the most important part of the entire fucking movie.

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[... but he think she is]

Hey, hey. I mean that seriously! Don't make fun of me. I get enough of that shit from Sollux and the others.

Only because they don't have the ability to appreciate these movies for what they're worth.

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Well. That's good. Because if you don't your puny little human mind will miss all of the important parts.