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30. [ locked to Gundam crew ]

Um, first off, Mr. Erde, please sit down! Also please don't be drinking anything.

I'm really quite serious!

And, I don't mean to alarm you, Papa has a whole team searching for the cause of this, and he's confident that... actually he's confident that this is "more community fiddlesticksassery" (although he didn't say that exactly), which would be very good, because it would mean it was temporary...

But anyway, the point is that Kyrios seems to be, well, slightly missing at the moment! Or all missing, actually. So we await your orders as to what course of action to pursue!


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Why is Kyrios missing?

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Why should any of them be missing?

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...but it hasn't been fitted with anything else yet, has it? What precisely are we missing? A carcass?

Watch him miss the point

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Did your dad swear in front of you, kid? Does this mean all bets are off?

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So I can stop holding back then? Good.

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True, but your mum likes me.
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assuming that mr alien consultant is included in this :'Db

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Hang on, missing? That sounds a bit very not good. Well, actually it sounds a lot very not good, especially if the community's involved. I mean come on, how does a great big robot like that just go missing?
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Hmm. Definitely sounds like the community's involved, your dad had me check over those alarms myself the other day. But if the community's gone and nicked off with Kyrios, the more worrying question is why. I mean, I know we haven't seen hide nor hair of Allelujah for a while now, probably thanks to him losing access, but last we checked he was still safe, right?
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Meaning you think that now Kyrios is gone, he might not be...
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... Ah. I suppose we have just sort of gone and forgotten about him, haven't we...
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Oh, dear, we have got ourselves into a mess, haven't we? Right, I tell you what, I'm going to see if I can draft a few theories about what might have happened, because if you ask me there's probably something to do with time or space in all this. Possibly both. I mean, giant robots don't just vanish into thin air like that naturally, it could be the universe trying to compensate for something somehow, maybe...