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[ rl with pearl ]

[ it would have been easy enough to get Pearl hopped right into Lagrange, but the shuttle ride from the orbital elevator served as a nice transition. Strapped into the passenger seats, the two girls can still look out the windows, and Mileina squeezes Pearl's hand reassuringly ]

We're almost there, Pearly! It might be a little startling, but everything is going to be all right.
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[ Pearl still isn't really used to space, even after visiting the orbital elevator once or twice before. And being surrounded by so much of it in a real spaceship is kind of overwhelming. Surreal, really. That's even without the knowledge that she is about to see something incredibly secret. So she can't help feeling a little nervous, but with Mileina around... ]

It's okay, I believe you. I'm still kind of nervous... but it's exciting too, a little!
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[ Pearl giggles a little ] I hope not!

[ oh hey wait what is that asteroid... ] Um... Mileina? Why are we heading straight towards that asteroid? We're not going to crash or anything like that, are we?
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[ EYES AS WIDE AS DINNER PLATES ] Ohmygosh! Is that the entrance to your secret base?
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One of them?!

[ y-yeah we are. still boggling here. oh but there is no time for that because apparently we are moving? she lifts her arms so Mileina can release her more easily. ] So, um... where do we have to go next?
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Oh, okay... [ Pearl's looking around with interest - mostly out of habit from when she was still helping out Mr. Nick, and picking out details in a room could give you invaluable insights! It never hurts to stay in practice with these things. ] Well, lead the way, Mileina!