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26. [ RL with Larsa ]

[ Mileina's waiting outside a Union theater; ever since the elevator collapse, the AEU had become a bit more difficult to get to quickly, so the west coast of the Union had become her preferred port of call. She's wearing a sweater and a short denim skirt with leggings, playing with her phone while she waits for Larsa to appear ]

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[He had been told to wear something nice. Button down shirt, ties - and contrary to Birkin's advice - not a lab coat but a nice suit jacket ( to meet her. It wasn't long till he realized that he was completely overdressed. Secondly, he had the sinking realization that the young girl that he was going to be was ... a little bit older than he remembered.

And somewhat more attractive.

A lot more attractive.

Oh dear.]

Mileina? [He asks cautiously. Please let it be the wrong person, it would be a lot less perplexing.]

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[.... He looks at her clothes, then back to his before giving a defeated sigh. That would explain the perplexed feeling, right? It was because he was out of place and it was not at all Mileina.]

Oh, forgive me, I misunderstood.

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[.... ahahaha, yes, he was. But, he did as she asked. Though, it didn't help much.] Is this better?

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[O-Oh, that's what was going on. He allows himself to be tugged along while he looks around at such a different world. Everything was on the ground, unlike in Archades where they had built up.] How very fascinating.

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[... Not before he lingers and checks for any vulnerable spots for Tieria to hide. Though when he does enter, it's even more foreign than being in a village with warrior rabbit ladies.]

I suppose? Though, 'tis your area of expertise. I am merely your canvas.

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Dramas? [Though he doesn't get to finish his question. So, he follows her around like a lost puppy. A lot of these clothes aren't really practical, are they? He looks at a mannequin; that doesn't seem very comfortable, does it?]

[Oh, those seem really ... easy to put on. ] I suppose you do not worry about wild attacks.

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That is - ah, yes of course. [He's getting rather nervous, how is he going to put all these clothes on????]

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... Alright. [He just. waddles into a dressing room and starts undressing and taking forever to put it together.]

Is this good? [He calls from the dressing room, not thinking to come out. It had been forever since he hadn't had a tailor on him and it had become a force of habit.]

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Oh, right. [He steps out, appropriately dressed ($88%29,+worn+by+Hugh+Dancy.jpg) for the occassion. He had grabbed a scarf from the changing wrack that was in the room (the poor sod had to find something else, THANK YOU).] Am I wearing right? [Turning around figure out if he does. So odd wearing something without a belt for a sword or pockets for items.]

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Oh, thank you. It is rather odd to wear so little gear, I must say. [Then he remembers that she'd have to pay for him.] I am quite afraid that I do not have any gil to pay you. [Then he remembers that he's wearing a pair of sapphire earrings, reaches to take them off and hand them to her.] This should be enough to pay you back.

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Oh no, do not worry. Mayhaps they would look better on you? [He closes her hands around them.]

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Forgive me, almost everyone in Ivalice has pierced ears. [Walking away without taking them back 8D]

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[o3o Oh, where did we come from? Over here?] Hmmm? [What was that? He offers a small smile before shrugging it off.] Please, consider it as a thank you for getting me out of the palace.